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November 17, 2003
I make some references to Garbage Collection Tuning in my Performance Tuning and Monitoring Coldfusion or JRun. Beyond that there are many references available on GC tuning.  One that I find interesting is the "Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Collection in the HotspotTM JavaTM Virtual Machine" article on the Sun website.  Make sure you fully load test any JVM argument that you try. I have ran into some that have had major side effects, from stability problems to uncontrolled memory growth.


I have been struggling with Performance tuning and these runtime paramters. It all began when we started getting 503 errors which crashed the server, the culprit was long-running queries with many rows. I think this issue is fixed with upgrading the the latest JVM (still get OutOfMemory errors but it doesn't break the connection to Apache). I've noticed that RAM gets stuck in JRUN just for long looping calculations or outputs (that aren't even being cached). What I'm really trying to do is free up these dead objects or increase the frequency of garbage collection. Please help.

Thanks, Craig

You can try starting here http://www.robisen.com/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=FD4BE2FC-55DC-F2B1-FED0717CC1C7E0AF

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