What is TACWEB?

TACWEB is a simple, easy-to-use classified, dynamic, tactical information management system that tracks the battle status of units, battlefield operating systems (BOS) and other key information such as significant events, commander situation reports, weather, priority information reports, personnel status reports, and logistics status reports. It interfaces with WarLord and Army Deep Operations Computer System (ADOCS) to provide a common picture of the battlefield. TACWEB minimizes network bandwidth requirements to be highly effective over Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE). TACWEB provides an effective information management system that quickly focuses leaders on issues and provides a degree of synergy previously unseen. It is a combat multiplier.
TACWEB Information Flow

TACWEB requires a computer running Internet Explorer 3.02 Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher WWW browser. It performs best on Internet Explorer 4.0. TACWEB requires a minimum of a Pentium 75 MHz or higher with 16 MBs or more of RAM. Optimal configuration is Pentium 133 with 24 MBs of RAM. As such, the hardware and software cost for a TACWEB computer is less than $1000.
Design Characteristics
g-red.jpg - 1.1 K TACWEB must be easy to use
g-green.jpg - 1.1 K TACWEB must run effectively over MSE
g-orange.jpg - 1.1 K TACWEB must present information with increasing levels of detail
g-green.jpg - 1.1 K TACWEB must replicate so that there is no single point of failure
g-green.jpg - 1.1 K TACWEB must interface with existing Army systems
g-red.jpg - 1.1 K TACWEB must run on inexpensive, commercial off the shelf hardware and software