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Safety First replacement battery for Kidtrax Corvette

Last year we purchased the Safety First Kidtrax Corvette for my son from Toys R Us. After having it only a few months the battery stopped holding a charge and it would run down after a few minutes. I went to Toys R Us to find a replacement battery and they did not have them, they couldn't even order them..what kind of crap is that? I started looking on the internet and found that the Safety First batterys are almost $90 with shipping which I found a bit ridiculous. About six months went by and my wife kept getting on me about getting the Corvette up and running. I started looking around the net and found a few websites that recommended a replacement battery. I ended up purchasing the Gruber Power 12 Volt 12 Amp hour battery for $27 plus shipping. The original battery was 9 or 10 Amp hour so you end up with about 25% additional battery life with this one for less money. The battery arrived a few days later and now it was time to install it. I made a quick run to radio shack and purchased an inline fuse holder, 40 amp fuse, and spade crimp connectors all for less than $10.




The original battery is above, I simply just pulled out the battery and cut the old connector off. You can see the wires hanging out of the connector.


In the picture above you can see how simple it was to wire up the new battery. I connected the inline fuse to the red wire where I had cut the old connector and crimped a spade connector on the other end of the inline fuse holder. I then crimped on the spade connector to the black wire and connected the spade connectors to the proper sides of the battery. Next it was time to put the fuse in place and strap the battery in with the existing strap. Notice how well this battery fits into the existing compartment, it is almost like it was made for the car. The battery came most of the way charged so I let the kids take it out for a spin

Charging the battery

I could have rigged up the existing charger to work but the problem with the existing charger is that if you leave it on too long you can ruin the battery. I think that is what happened in the first place. I had recently purchased a Schumacher SC-7500A battery charger on Ebay for the car and found that it works great for this battery. Simply set the "charge start" to "small battery" and it will start charging. You can change the display to show % to see how charged it is and get an idea how long it will take to charge up. The best thing is that you don't have to worry about overcharging the battery since it will stop charging when it gets to 100%. Most car battery charges will work for this purpose, just be sure to set them to 2amps or lower when charging. If you set it to much higher you could end up with a melted or ruined battery.


I hope someone finds this helpful and doesn't have to pay the full price for the Safety First Battery.